Embrace exceptions; opportunistic. 以正合,以奇勝

Continuous refinements. Do not expect or demand perfection; good enough is good enough.

Refine it so much that it looks natural.

Good people (kindness + prudence) comes first, technical details come second.

"Landscape", climate - real students, constraints (time, resource), context. Time matters (7:30 vs 11:30 vs 2:30) - situational awareness & reading the room. incl. my abilities to make things work: e.g., POGIL

  • self-reporting

Forgetting curve.

Patience. Recognize that people changes.

Technical: prioritize text-input, version control

Visual has more bandwidth than text. Video >> image > text. Multi-dimensional.

Joy matters. People are happiest when they have a stable base, from which they can explore and return.

Accountability for students.

Pedagogy matters; Hattie, ed literature; but careful reading because could be lucky; point of reference

Multi-purpose if possible

When things don't work, it's probably me. (It's probably not just me.)

Asynchronous vs synchronous.

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