# Teaching Literature Research

60-70 minutes

After Exploration is submitted and feedback given, before material request

# Critiquing an IA Exploration

10 min, hardcopy prepared for each student

need to read / search

lead in to importance of reading

show and tell

Material list for Show-and-Tell

  • Insoluble white solid (aspirin / benzoic acid)
  • Reagent bottle labelled with 1.0 M HCl
  • Grad cylinder with 100 cm3 of water
  • (Pretend) water-bath / box* stir-rod
  • 125 cm3 Erlenmeyer
  • 250 cm3 beaker

Not "what is"...

# Reading for a purpose

Not cherry-picking

Critical about source

Compare sources / methods

# Backward citation hopping

Using references at end

Sequential by order of appearance

# Nature of Research Articles

Web of Knowledge


Reading entry point webpage

Missing database: SciFinder, Beilstein CrossFire / HKU

# Locating references behind a paywall



# Forward citation hopping

# Organizing literature with Zotero

# Installing Zotero

2 steps

Safari exception

Create account for sync

# Ingesting citations

Webpage dependent

# Using citations in Google Doc

Add citation

Set style

Add bibliography

# Using it for their IA

In 70 min class only

Use a checklist to examine one another's Exploration

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