Beginning of the year First class Show how class works Diverse students Fun Set tone Other classes would have had "the chat" too - the fourth hour of the chat

Each student receives a personalized Google folder before class

Q1 - After class, you forgot what you learnt. This makes you:

  • Human (Y)
  • A failure
  • Stupid
  • A bad student

Everyone forgets - but you need to take action to prevent that from happening.

Q2 - In class it is OK to:

  • Stand up (Y)
  • Move around (Y)
  • Email / FB / insta / whatsapp / Snapchat / QQ / Line / weChat / ...
  • poke your classmate

Principle: not disrupting others. Second hand smoke effect of electronics. (Also, more than one right answer!)

Q3 - This gesture means:

  • OK (Y)
  • Draw a circle
  • OK? (Y)
  • You are getting a 3

Not everyone have seen the same gesture!

It's OK to get a 3; you are not other people and their expectation is not your expectation.

Q4 - this gesture means:

  • Something's wrong (Y)
  • Let's go swimming
  • It's cold

Q5 - this gesture means:

  • Take another step / expand on it (Y)
  • You're crazy
  • Start from the beginning
  • Think

Q6 - Your fav class is:

  • Chemistry (Y)
  • Visual Arts (Y)
  • French Ab Initio (Y)
  • Maths studies (Y)

"Just because I'm a chemist doesn't mean you need to be a chemist. Chemistry is useful for whatever you end up doing, but it doesn't need to be your fav." And then - you don't need to like it to be good at it. When you get good at it you like it.

Maths requirements.

I'm in French ab class / about learning.

Q7 - If you sleep in class, Jon will:

  • Check if you are OK (Y)
  • Shout at you
  • Ask you to leave the class
  • Mark you absent

B12 deficiency, lifestyle choices Not a shouter, wanting you to grow to be good people and shouting at you isn't it

Q8 - Jon gets angry when students:

  • Cheat (Y)
  • Lie (Y)
  • Come late to class
  • Skip class

No buttons to push.

Not true - lies & cheating & being unfair to other people.

Marking absent - self-marking entry, taking notes.

Dense classes - 240 in 160, missing classes are v hard to catch up. Google drive / notes demo, necessity to catch up.

Q9 - If you go to bathroom without asking, Jon will:

  • ...understand (Y)
  • ...get really angry

Q10 - If you go to the bathroom 3rd time in a class, Jon will:

  • ...not understand (Y)
  • ...get really angry

...unless you go to bathroom 3 times in a row, in which case I will not understand. (But why should I get angry over it?)

Q11 - Your first test is in...

  • 15 days (Y)
  • a month
  • before China Week
  • Christmas

Assessment calendar Habit forming Purpose of tests as ensuring satisfaction of prerequisites

Q12 - Jon recommends practicing out-of-class for ?? hours/week

  • 2
  • 3.5 (Y)
  • 5
  • 8

How many days How many minutes for 3.5 h/wk? Is it easy? Short bit daily harder than you think

Q13 - If you study for 8 hours every week, you can get a:

  • 7 (Y)
  • 5 (Y)
  • 4 (Y)
  • 3 (Y)

It's not the quantity, but also the quality - focus, efficiency; how you practice matters.

Q14 - Everyone should get a 7.

  • Y
  • N (Y)

Other ppl's goal is not your goal. Each student comes with different bkg. "Top student in country" means top-3 in world, or 3 years behind others on average.

Possible if you dedicate yourself, but chemistry is not necessary what you want to dedicate yourself to.

All I ask is that you work to better than you were, take the opportunity.

Q15 - What's in your Google folder:

  • Textbook + answers (Y)
  • Notes, activities, and presentations (Y)
  • 500 hr of past papers (Y)
  • 5 years of past test (Y)


Describe me; not to impress them but for them to have confidence that I know what I am doing.

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