# Plays

I use the word play for actions that are self-contained and specific for one situation. It includes class lessons and activities, as well as things I do as a teacher on irregular basis (e.g., grading IAs).

For students

Spoilers ahead.

# Topics

Play Topic Duration Comments Status
Taxi problem 5 Folder includes slides, spreadsheets, solution.
Kinetics and Equilibrium simulation 6, 7 Progression of activities that visualizes and develop micro/macro-scopic intuition of kinetics, and develops kinetics as the basis of equilibrium. Includes link to web apps, and PDF worksheets.
Infrared Spectra Interpretation 11B Folder includes teaching comics, sample spectra, practices.
1H-NMR Interpretation 11B, 21 Folder includes teaching comics, sample spectra, practices.

# Other activities

Play Duration Comments Status
Lesson 1 Kahoot! Include link to public Kahoot!
IA: critiquing an Exploration An IA example for student to learn to read critically. Include document with plentiful comments, as PDF, Word, and Google Docs.
Managing IAs How I manage chem IAs. Include timeline, procedures, and spreadsheet templates.
Marking IAs How I mark chem IAs. Include an interactive rubric.
Researching and organizing chemistry literature How I introduce students to reading / organizing chemistry literature.
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