# Colophon

# Stack

This website is built with Vuepress with various plugins. I wrote most of the content in a soup of Markdown and html tags, mostly for calling components. These tend to be templated in Jade/Pug.

  • Math $\pi$ and chemistry $\ce{C6H12O6\aq}$ typeset using MathJax with Martin Hensel's mhchem extension.
  • Charts made in graph.js
  • Flowcharts are described semantically and rendered with mermaid.js
    • This may be swapped with Vis.js once I wrap my head around the library and the DOT language
  • Search by Algolia DocSearch
  • 3D molecules rendered in two ways:
    • 3Dmol.js is used when fluid generic shape visualizations, or large systems, are needed
    • Robert Hanson's [JSmol] is used when measurement and scripting is needed on small molecules
    • biological structures pulled from Protein Data Bank and
    • (computed) small molecule structures from PubChem
  • Static hi-res molecule images from VMD
    • Structures computed through GAMESS, usually B3LYP / 6-311G / gas phase
  • UI components from Element-UI project
  • Graphics are penned in Adobe Illustrator / Concepts.app
  • (micro)interactivity and animations crafted in Haiku.AI
  • Typography:
    • Headers: Myriad Pro Semi Condensed
    • Body: Cronos Pro
  • Color: inherits from the UWC colors

# Deployment

The repo lives on Github and is deployed to Netlify.

# Data sources

Dynamic data is ingested from Airtable databases using their (very well documented) API.

# Development

I primarily work in Visual Studio Code with Adobe Illustrator. The writing and drawing is supplemented on an iPad Pro, where I use Working Copy to pull from the repository, GoCoEdit to edit the files, and Concepts to do vector drawing.

Help requests

I would love to do MD simulations but don't know where to start. If you have pointers please get in touch with me.

Last Updated: 2 years ago