# Tools

This page presents some fun toys for getting chemical equations rendered properly, 3D structures, and so on.

MolDiff - Side-by-side Chemical Comparison

# Typeset chemical equations

Type your chemical equation in the box to have it rendered. Use \solid{}, \aq{}, \gas{}, and \liquid{} for state symbols, and ^ / _ to force super/subscripts. See the mhchem manual for additional syntax.



  • 2H -> H2
  • Mg\solid + HNO3\aq -> H2\gas{} + Mg(NO3)2\aq{}
  • H2O\liquid <<=>[K_w = 10^{-14}] H+\aq + OH^-\aq

You can use the SVG Crowbar bookmarklet to download the equation as an SVG (a vector-based, "never pixelated" format).

Last Updated: 2 years ago