# Resources

# Journals


  • The Journal of Chemical Education has articles and experiments suitable for all levels
  • searchable, can be refined for experiments doable at high school level
  • college subscription is valid for internet connections on campus

Science Magazine

  • General magazine with cutting edge / high-profile research articles
  • "star" research articles have a "for layman" blurb that explains the context and significance
  • Need password from library

# Databases


  • a comprehensive chemistry database containing
    • experimental properties
    • calculated properties
  • Supports structure searches
  • Includes biological assay results
  • Can be queried en masse
    • by scripts (python, javascript)
    • from Google Sheets (through IMPORTDATA(url) / IMPORTXML(url) and the PUG-REST API)
  • Read about its overview in this article


  • Spectral Database for Organic Compounds
  • Experimental spectra of 35000 compounds

# Software

# Study skills


  • state-of-the-art Spaced Repetition System
  • available also on android and iOS devices, and through web browser. Progress can be synced.
  • Decks I prepared:
    • IB chemistry vocabulary (1500+ notes)
    • IB chemistry specialty decks (600+ cards) for
      • common chemical names,
      • equipment,
      • periodic trends
      • VSEPR,
      • organic functional groups,
      • organic reactions & mechanisms
    • IB econ
    • IB bio
    • IB business & management
    • IB mandarin ab initio vocabulary + pronunciation

# Lab simulation


  • chemistry lab simulation
  • predicts volumes/mass loss/temperature change etc for certain reactions
  • NOT physically accurate

# Installation

  1. Download installer here
  2. If you are using a Mac, choose the right version (probably the El Capitan+ version)
  3. If you are using a Mac, make sure you have dragged the Yenka.app icon into /Applications or the activation will fail.
  4. activate with school license code (search your email for Yenka activation)

# Visualization


  • visualization of molecules and orbitals
  • some support for reactions
  • NOT physically accurate
  • Log-in with Google account

# Molecular modeling

In-house GAMESS-WebMO installation

  • Ab initio and molecular dynamics calculations
    • Physically accurate
  • Log-in from campus network with
    • Username: Student
    • Password: lpcuwc

AutoDock Vina

  • Calculates protein-ligand interactions (drug-receptor)
  • Predicts:
    • binding enthalpy
    • binding conformation

# Practical

Logger Pro by Vernier

  • Interfaces with a variety of digital equipment
  • Vernier website includes instructional screencasts
  • Download from school network
    • Academic:/Science/Software/


  • an open platform for scientific image analysis
  • automatically quantify color intensity, count particles (e.g., cells), annotate image
  • works with videos as well
  • link points to FIJI, an installation of ImageJ that has many plugins included

# Data analysis


  • Visualize and graph data interactively
  • Useful for complex dataset and visualizations that spreadsheets can't do
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