# Week 7

# Preparations

Download and print this week's notes before continuing.

What you learnt last week

Skills Maths Shapes Others

There are two (and... one) sessions this week and next. By the end you should be able to (finally) complete the Precision of Glassware lab write-up.

The test is in H-23 (Tue 1635). Start Session 1 on Wednesday, and Session 2 is a physical bureaucracy class where you get your test back and we talk about assessments. We will sneak in one extra session to round out everything you need to learn about measurements.

On Thu and Fri, your physical class will be at:

  • D-27: Thu 15:30
  • E-26: Thu 16:35
  • G-24: Fri 08:30

The only homework for submission this week is the from Session 1, due for Sunday 21:00. There is an open pol.is discussion on assessment in the Session P page.

Session 1: Combinations

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