# Week 6

# Preparations

Download and print this week's notes before continuing.

There are only two sessions this week. This should free up time for you to prepare for your test next week (see below) as well as complete the Precision of Glassware lab write-up.

Start Session 1 in your first chem lesson, and Session 2 on the second lesson. If there are two chem lessons on a day, use only one of them: choose the lesson that is convenient for you. If the activities within the session cannot be finished within one hour, complete the remainder at a time of your choosing. Aim to complete both sessions by Wednesday.

On Thu and Fri, I will be in the lab (A/204) during morning class time:

  • E: Thu 08:30-09:30
  • G: Thu 11:05-12:05
  • B: Fri 08:30-09:30
  • D: Fri 11:05-12:05

You can come ask questions and we can do whatever chemistry (extra practice, outside syllabus material) you want to do and learn. I will also start up a Teams meeting for those who is not yet on-campus.

The only homework for submission this week is the lab report, due for Sunday 21:00.

Session 1: Structures

Session 2: Many Many

# Upcoming test

  • Date: Oct 20 (Tue)
  • Time: 16:35 (during H-block)
  • Location: Science labs. We will commandeer the physics and biology labs.
  • Scope: everything we have done so far.
    • A table indexes what you learnt in the previous week is available in every week's entry page.
    • You should also have printed notes for every activity you have done
    • This roughly maps to topics 1.1, 1.2, parts of 1.3, 2.1, 3.1, and 11.1 from your syllabus.
    • This includes what you learnt from the textbook reading and Anki decks.
  • Format: the test will be 60 min and [40], split into:
    1. [15] multiple choice
    2. [25] short questions (like the quiz)
  • What to bring:
    1. Data Booklet,
    2. Calculator,
    3. A hand-written sheet of A5 size. (That is, half an A4.)
    4. A print-out of your Anki stats that includes:
      1. Review count bar chart, and
      2. Card types pie chart

A [+1] bonus is available for each of:

  1. 7 or more days Anki streak (30+ reviews), and
  2. minimum of 30 mature and 150 young+learn cards
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