# Week 5

# Preparations

If you are on-campus, you can pick up notes in class or outside the lab. (If it is raining I may move it inside to protect them from getting wet.) There are several items to pick up this week:

  1. Notes (colorful)
  2. Practice quiz (also colorful, with your name)
  3. Chemical equations worksheet (black-and-white)

If you are in quarantine, the College Driver will be delivering a set of notes to you. With fewer students he may not be driving to the hotel every day.

This week's notes can be downloaded here.

What you learnt last week

| Skills | Maths | Chem/Shapes | Others | |:------------------------:|:-----------------------------------------------------------:|:---------------------:|:------------------------------:| | Using volumetric pipette | Counting Sig Figs | Isotopes notation | Naming chemistry lab equipment | | Using syringe | Using Avogadro number to convert moles and particles | Isotopes properties | | | Using burette | Calculating atomic masses (natural abundance and otherwise) | Deuterium and Tritium | | | Using micropipette | Calculating molar mass from atomic mass | | | | Using Pasteur pipette | Distinguishing between relative and "normal" molar mass | | |

Start Session 1 (Pictures) in your first chem lesson, Session 2 (Equations) on the second lesson. If there are two chem lessons on a day, use only one of them: choose the lesson that is convenient for you.

Come to the lab (A/204) for the physical quiz and lab at the following times:

  • E (E-15): 10:00-11:00 Tue
  • D (D-18): 10:00-11:00 Wed
  • B (B-17): 10:00-11:00 Thu
  • G (G-17): 10:00-11:00 Fri

If the activities within the session cannot be finished within one hour, complete the remainder at a time of your choosing.

Complete and submit the homework for each session before their due dates.

Session 1: Pictures 🖼

Session 2: Equations

Session Lab: Quiz and Measurements

# Class Collage

In this section I will post a selection of the homework your class submitted. Check back next week!

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