# Week 4

# Preparations

If you are on-campus, you can pick up notes in class or outside the lab.

If you are in quarantine, the College Driver will be delivering a set of notes to you. With fewer students he may not be driving to the hotel every day.

If you are not in Hong Kong, download and print this week's notes before continuing.

What you learnt last week

Skills Maths Shapes Others
Assessing Kahoots! Volume conversions Representing elements with CPK colors Dos and Don't for real life classes
Ball-n-Stick / Spacefilled models
From 3D to structural formula
From structural formula to molecular formula

With public holidays on Thu and Fri, Week 4 is a short week. Chem will have only two lessons, one of which is a physical lab session. Depending on your chemistry class, please come to the lab at the following times:

  • D: Mon 10:00 (D-13)
  • E: Mon 11:05 (E-13)
  • G: Wed 08:30 (G-14)
  • B: Wed 12:30 (B-15)

If you cannot be on-campus, part of the session explaining signficant figures is available here:

Session 1: Measurements 📏

The other session is independent of the lab session. Despite numbered as 2, it can be done either before or after the physical session.

Session 2: Mass ⚖️

# Class Collage

In this section I will post a selection of the homework your class submitted. Check back next week!

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