# Week 3

What you learnt last week

Skills Chem --- Quantitative Chem --- Qualitative Others
Creating histograms in Sheets Length conversion (incl. Å) Nature of light The Forgetting Curve and memory retention
Using pre-built Anki decks Atomic radii Color wheel What histograms do
Uncertainties: Abs--Rel conversion Wavelength Mnemonics and memory acquisition
Atomic structure
Atom notation
Periodic Table vocab
First 20 elements
Representing e- as volume

Week 3 is DOPey as we bring back some of you on campus. Read the instructions carefully.

# Preparations

If you are not in Hong Kong, download and print this week's notes before continuing.

If you are in Hong Kong, printed notes will be available in your first lesson (see below). If you want to pick it up earlier, named copies are outside the lab.

If you are in quarantine, the College Driver will deliver a copy for you.

# Overview of this week

The three sessions are Physical, Optional, and Digital.

# Physical session

If you are on-campus, bring your chem binder and join us in the lab (A/204). You join in the lesson which you have your chemistry class (check your timetable!).

  • B: Thu Sep 24 10:00-11:00
  • D: Wed Sep 23 10:00-11:00
  • E: Tue Sep 22 10:00-11:00
  • G: Fri Sep 25 10:00-11:00

If you are NOT on campus, part of this lesson is packaged as the following link. This will happen after our first session on Tuesday.

Session Physical: Modus operanti 🛠

# Optional session

In these two years I will try to develop you as a whole person. I do this by connecting what we learnt with culture and ideas that you may not have seen. These are given as Optional sessions and you will see your first one this week.

In the last two weeks we have been plotting different graphs and drawing different imageries. In other words, looking broadly at visualizing data with color, time, or boxes. Our first optional session is visualizing music 🎼 as colored 🌈 boxes 📦 in time ⏱.

Session Optional: 🎼 as 🌈 📦 ⏱

# Digital session

This last session is similar to what you have done in the past weeks. If you are on-campus, do this in your other chemistry lesson.

Session Digital: Volume 💨

# Class Collage

In this section I will post a selection of the homework your class submitted. Check back next week!

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