# Session 3: Boxes 📦

The Periodic Table

Learning the First 20 Elements

Replacing Drawings with Symbols (Atoms / Atomic Ions)

# Homework

  • Textbook exercise questions from pages 58-66 (Ex 1--6)

    1. Do them on paper. Show working!
    2. Mark your answers against the key. Mark them with red (error) and green (correct) pens. If you didn't understand something / got something wrong, write a little note explaining what happened. Sum the score to keep yourself honest.
  • Uncertainty questions (Q8, 9)

    1. Download and print the question paper
    2. Do question 8, 9
    3. Mark your answers. Similar to above.
  • Screenshot of your Anki stats

For Anki decks, click on Stats from the main screen, and scroll to your reviews graph.

Complete these by 22 Sep (Tue) 21:00, and submit onto ManageBac. If you have done the reading over the week, as well as studying the Anki decks daily, this should take no more than 45 minutes.

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