# Week 2

What you learnt last week

Skills Maths Shapes Others
Spreadsheet UI/setup Dimensional Analysis Hatching & Stippling Organization/Sync c/ Google Drive
Spreadsheet formula (basic) S.I. prefixes Using red & green Structure of chem resource Google Folder
Spreadsheet Autofill Scientific notation Accessing Microsoft Teams
Spreadsheet scatter graphs Setting up College Google Calendars
Spreadsheet conditional formatting Searching Google Calendars
The Pomodoro Method
Adding, Editing, and Deleting Calendar Events
Making actionable TODO-lists
Scanning as PDF
Submitting work to ManageBac

# Preparations

  1. Download and print this week's notes.
  2. Watch Lina Mnemonica and remember some facts about Lina.
  3. Measure the time using your home-made pendulums (see video 🎬 below):
    1. for a 25 cm pendulum to swing back-and-forth 10 times. Repeat this five times.
    2. for a 50 cm pendulum to swing back-and-forth 10 times. Repeat this five times.
    3. Enter your measurements on this spreadsheet. This must be completed before Tuesday.

# Lina Mnemonica


😸: Yeaaaah. This is LINA! She was very explosive. Which is why she applies here. It's funny, you see, it's funny. Getting to meet her. Anyways.

🐟: Hi Jon.

😸: Lina's not a very good student. She gets "C"s for her Effort Grades.

🐟: She doesn't even take chemistry now she's learning the Periodic Table.

😸: Lena speaks Arabic and French. See, when you need to remember just thinking about Lina. You know, if you know her name.

😸: I am Dafna, and I am NOT on the Periodic Table.

# Making pendulums

Start Session 1 (Colors) in your first chem lesson, Session 2 (Time) on the second lesson, and Session 3 (Boxes) on the third lesson. If there are two chem lessons on a day, use only one of them: choose the lesson that is convenient for you.

If the activities within the session cannot be finished within one hour, complete the remainder at a time of your choosing.

Complete and submit the homework for each session before their due dates.

Session 1: Colors 🌈

Session 2: Time ⏱

Session 3: Boxes 📦

# Class Collage

In this section I will post a selection of the homework your class submitted. Check back next week!

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