# eLearning

# How the class works

We have five types of interactions that together makes up "eLearning":

  • Asynchronous interactions: Because of time-zone differences, we will not be online at the same time. Microsoft Teams is a chat-room / collaboration tool that let us maintain a single channel of conversation. When you get onto teams.microsoft.com it should automatically put you in the right channel; if not, here is the link to join the Teams channel

  • Synchronous interactions ("face-to-face"): We will be doing face-to-face meetings in MS Teams as well. These meetings can be directly accessed through the Teams channel.

  • Chemistry activities: we have arranged for two kinds of digital chemistry experiences:

    • Yenka is a virtual lab, where you can "react" chemicals and observed properties, whereas
    • Atomsmith is a simulation suite for visualizing chemistry at the atomic level.
  • Video lecture: I'll prepare video lectures that introduces the material. There are questions / pausing points in there --- I strongly suggest you to give them a try instead of running through it.

  • Practice: Doing chemistry is a skill. Just like you can't learn guitar by listening to Spotify or going to a concert, you can't learn chemistry by watching. Do the advised exercises and upload them to the ManageBac dropboxes.

Last Updated: 4 months ago