The Pivot Switch (Magic)

The Pivot Switch (Magic)

The pivot switch is an angle-friendly, one-handed multiple Top Change that begins from and ends in a natural mechanics grip.  I developed this sleight in Feb 2011 by crossing an Ed Marlo move with Eric JonesEclipse Move.  The manuscript was sent and being reviewed by several knowledgeable cardmen, and with Mr Jones’ permission, a draft of this is now available.  The PDF is password-protected; the password is the last name of the Professor (with proper capitalization!)

Pivot Switch Manuscript (revision 2)

Note that this writing and illustration is a few months out of date – I’ve made some amendments to the handling that makes it a little easier to learn [1].  Check back later [2] for an updated version.  In the mean time, if you have comments or questions pertaining to the sleight, let me know and I’ll try to clarify it in the upcoming revisions.

[1] – Some tips: (i) keep the deck 1/2″ deeper than normal.  A good gauge is that at the beginning your index finger and thumb should be able to touch at the near outer corner.  (ii) Push straight-up first instead of diagonal.  The pinching motion should set up the first card in the correct position.  (iii) There’s a slight lift-up motion from the index finger in the return.

[2] – Probably much later, since I have a long to-do list!

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