Synthetic Ion Channel Bibliography

[one_fourth] [learn_more caption=”What is this?”]This is an interactive, curated bibliography for the synthetic ion channel field. You can drag on each of the bands to browse through time, and click on the title to view the citation and abstract; whenever it’s possible, the popup box links you directly to the publisher’s website for the article. The filter and highlight boxes removes and colors the entries meeting your criteria independently. The base timeline was developed by the MIT Simile project, with addition magic dust sprinkled by me. Read about the process here.[/learn_more] [/one_fourth] [one_third] [learn_more caption=”About the Databases”]The database was created by mining the forward and backward citations of key references in SciFinder Scholar. The key references here comprise of half a dozen landmark papers and comprehensive reviews, such as the Matile 2004/2006/2011 series, the pioneering Tabushi paper, Heimburg 2010, and quite a few publications from the Fyles group. You can download the database in bibTeX and Endnote formats here.[/learn_more] [/one_third] [one_third] [learn_more caption=”What’s coming?”]A few features are in the plans, including aesthetic blending with the site itself (this used to be a standalone app), adding logic to the filter boxes, and upgrading the backend database (and supporting code) to include chemical structures and publication months. I’m also looking into building a general app where you can submit your own bibTeX and the Happiness Genie magically returns a timeline package for download.[/learn_more] [/one_third]

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