Pictorial Guides


Pictorial Guide to Infrared Spectra Interpretation

In Portuguese (translated by Vitor Ribeiro)

In German (translated by Robert Herzog)

In Spanish (translated by Henry Hughes of UNGS Argentina)

Pictorial Guide to Proton NMR Interpretation

In German (translated by Robert Herzog)

In Spanish (translated by Henry Hughes of UNGS Argentina)

General Chemistry

Pictorial Guide to Thin Layer Chromatography

Are Permanent Dipole-Dipole Interactions Really Stronger than London Dispersion Forces?

Pictorial Dissertation

The story of my PhD research in colorful pictures.

  • Yuh

    Thank you so much for this!! Its a big help to my studies!

    • Jon

      Glad to help. I hope I’ll have time and inspiration to do more in the same lines.

  • Ahmad Najib

    Good Job Jon

    • Jon

      Thank you. Hope I’ll get to draw more often in the upcoming time.

  • Thank you!!! The explanations are so well organized and easy-to-follow :)

  • John Atkins

    Your pictorial guides are a staple of Spectro 101 at Griffith University in Australia, good work.

  • Rachel Nance Dickey

    I literally aced my last exam thanks to your IR guide! It made ALL the difference! Do you have a pictorial guide to Mass Spect? or can you make one and make it available before the month is over? :) I will for sure use the NMR guide!

  • Ray

    Hi Jon
    Could you do a visual for 13C nmr. I teach in NZ and we do carbon-13 nmr instead of hydrogen-1 nmr

    • Jon

      Hi Ray,

      I’m afraid I won’t be working on one soon. That said, the principles for 1H and 13C NMR are identical. Actually, 13C is (usually) much simpler, as the common experimental variation (proton decoupling) negates the use of integral and multiplicity, leaving only chemical shift for consideration.


      • Ray

        Ok Jon no worriesRay

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  • vijaya kotla

    thankyou jon . its very helpful. hope we get few more

  • Dave White

    At IBICUS in Dubai – Chem3 Focus on IA. Your post ready with your opinion? Stuart Bond is leading workshop. FYI – found your blog through Ryan Murphy.