Meet Jon

Meet Jon

Hello and welcome.  My name is Jon… and I love to learn.

Thanks to some stubborn perseverance and an awful lot of people who helped me along the way, I find myself having learnt a great deal of science, and the skill to communicate that artistically.  The Pictorial Guides seek to mine that intersection of my abilities through comics/infographics that teach science (mostly chemistry for now) in an intense, simple, but not simplistic manner.

I would like to target a regular update schedule, but life has a matter of getting in the way.  As I feel out my way, the topic of each installment will be disjunct; eventually I hope the installments will fit into a coherent series.

Jon at Machu Picchu, Peru, 2011

The second set of content here are tools, essays, and tutorials on a broad range of things I’ve learnt: from chemistry to magic and balloon twisting, from essays to software, it’s a motley crew there.

I think it is important to state this here: I firmly commit to a stance where knowledge should be available to those who seek them.  While it would be nice to have books of the Pictorial Guides eventually (nothing warms the heart like holding your book!), the content will always be freely accessible.  (Beside being ideological, I also think of it as paying forward help others once extended to me.)  There will not be ads — I’m not here to monetize your eyeballs or push products.

The last sections of the website are not about learning… well, they’re about me.  (This is a personal website, afterall.)  There’s a gallery, which show-cases some of the pretty pictures I made, and there’s a blog, which besides being a building block for the Guides & Tuts above, doubles as a place that I dawdle about my recent life, adventures, and aspirations.  I will also write about life as an UWC teacher, and examiner / workshop developer for the IBO as well.

The contact form goes to my email, and is probably the most convenient way of getting to me.

Jon, Jan 2012, Hong Kong.