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The BATCHEM project

Chemistry is the study of matter, and the bedrock upon which studies of medicine, materials, energy, and the environment lies.  As such, introductory chemistry is a required subject for all scientists, and a solid mastery of...

Writing Chemistry with LaTeX (3/3)

In this last part of writing chemistry with LaTeX, we will look at the chemscheme portion of chemstyle. It offers automatic tracking for schemes and compounds, and is a major time-saver for synthetic chemists.

LaTeX Embedded Python (1/2)

One of the attraction of LaTeX is that it is extensible. Using Martin Ehmsen’s python.sty, it is possible to embed python into LaTeX code to prepare dynamic, living documents.

Writing Chemistry with LaTeX (2/3)

In the last post we downloaded and cleaned up a RSC template. In this post we will add Wright’s chemstyle package to make writing in chemistry even easier, and explore some basic equation and typesetting usage of mhchem and chemstyle. Chemscheme related items (e.g., auto-numbering of compounds) is in the last part of this series.

Writing Chemistry with LaTeX (1/3)

Branching from the core series of LaTeX introduction, here is a specialized series on writing chemistry papers and dissertations in $latex LaTeX$. In this part, we will download, open, and clean up a RSC template, yielding a cleaner framework for writing.