January update for TRE

January update for TRE

The following material has been added to the Teacher Resource Exchange folder:

  • Tests by JC
  • IR teaching materialsby JC
  • worksheet / activities uploaded by B-CJ and PB

I was transferring material from the myIB TRE group, but progress is stalled while I await responses on copyright / link issues (see discussion here).



These are 9 tests I wrote in 2017.  All tests have 40 points, the same expectation as the IB papers of 1.5 pts / min. The recent papers are set in the sans serif fonts (as with the new IB papers) and uses the same boxes c/ dotted lines (as with IB papers). [The only formatting anomaly is in an answerline for calculation questions… I prefer not looking for the answer unless necessary.]  There are some data-based questions hiding here and there; most of the time I did the experiments but sometimes they are simulated (in Yenka). Empirically these tests aligned well with the percentages in the IB. A cohort of students with an average of 5.5 scores 65±2% in the tests.

Unfortunately I wrote by hand (pretty color pens and all) the solutions / walkthrough, and I didn’t scan most of them. With the exception of two papers you would have to supply your own answer key.

I no longer teach topic-by-topic, so the sequential unit tests are probably some of the last ones I write. The new tests are mostly very broad across topics, which makes them not very useful for any other teachers. Pedagogically this works better for me, but, sorry.

You can find them both under By Resource / Tests, as well as topic XX / tests.

IR teaching material

For usage and details please see the “How I teach IR” post.  You can find these under By Resources / problems-practices / Jon C / IR, and by Topic / 11/21 / problems-practices.

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