Updated Mar 6th 2012: Some concrete Europe plans

The last weeks were eventful.  After a prolonged courtship, I was offered (and accepted) to be a teacher with the United World College in Hong Kong, starting August (more on that in another post).  I then started making plans for a trip…

Proposed destinations

The initial plan was to visit Anne, my first real chemistry teacher, in Duino (Italy).  Since then the scope had gotten more ambitious, and much of it remains unplanned (despite leaving in 48 hours!)  What I do know is that I will be landing in Jo’burg, and making my way to visit Tsebang (Maseru, Lesotho); then to Cape Town, and join an overland-going group.  This would bring me, Carrot, and Beet (the pair of friendly long/squat red backpacks) up Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, and across grasslands to Victoria Falls, then Nairobi.

I should then be catching a flight from Nairobi to Copenhagen (21st April), to visit Liv and Xie Yan.  Then making my way south, possibly through Hamburg to see Beate (maybe not, since she’s coming to Hong Kong in June!), but most likely through the Netherlands (Daniela?) to Belgium (Filip; ~24-25th).  More south-bound trains to the vicinity of Torino (Marco F.), then a sequence of Northern Italy cities (Varase – Jessica C.?; near Verona – Giulia F.; Vicenza – Michele A.) to Duino (Anne/Mark).  I’ll then backtrack and head south, stopping in Firenze (Soha), before picking up Mom in Rome.

Rome – since Mom heard me floating the idea of going to Italy, she talked about spending a week in Rome, and then also visit the Marian apparition sites: Fatima (Portugal), Lourdes (France), and Medjugorie (Bosnia).  She’ll be arriving in Rome on the 2nd May.  We’ll cross the Adriatic Sea from Ancona (Italy) to Split (Croatia) on an overnight ferry, and make our way to Medjugorie and Mostar (~5th-6th).  Then Belgrade (Mihailo!  Mia!) via Sarajevo.

From Belgrade we’ll fly directly to Lisboa (Portugal), where we’ll spend 13th May in Fatima.  From there we’ll be back in Rome mid-May, and stay there for about a week.

My European friends: I probably won’t be back this way for a few years.  If I can come see you I probably will want to :)   Give me a shout and we’ll try to work something out.