Painted from several photo references in Photoshop CS5, took about 90 min end-to-end.  It’s been awhile since I’ve pushed pixels, and the entire process feels quite foreign and unbearably long.  I got pretty impatient with the details that needed to be filled in half way through, so it ended pretty rough and sketchy.  And then, it was not until the end that I realized that, somewhere along the way, I’ve reflected the tower and #$^&% up the light source :(

Edit 8 Jan: This was in part exploring a way of generating generic, modular art, particularly useful for creating cut-scenes in open-source games.  There’s quite a few things that need to be solved, particularly as it relates to perspective, color harmony, usability, and sheer time required to bang out large number of them.  In a way this is like creating high quality, irregular, non-isometric sprites.  One of the explorative attempt was using vector as the source (seeing that it’s my preference), keeping a simpler style.  I didn’t like the output, however, and the search continues.