I made two updates to existing pages today.  (Both of which I’ve been sitting on for months… mea culpa!)  The first is a Brazilian Portuguese translation of the IR Illustrated spread by Vitor Ribeiro from Fortaleza:

Click on the image for a larger display, or follow this link for the PDF version.

On the other note, magis Eric Jones had graciously granted permission for the Pivot Switch manuscript to see the light, and I’ve hosted an early draft here.  The Pivot Switch is a variation of Eric’s Eclipse move.  The sleight lets you secretly switch out a card during a casual display for up to three cards.  It’s angle-friendly, it’s clean, and it’s one-handed.  The final version will be hosted on Eric’s website (and possibly here) as a free download for the magic community; feel free to send forth feedback, comments, and improvements as the draft evolves into the final version.

The other aside: the ChemSocRev article is in print and finally have page numbers.  Yay!