How I teach Infrared Spectroscopy

You can find here a folder of material I use to introduce IR spectra interpretation in a 70 min mixed SL/HL class.  It is tactically hyper-efficient but structurally sub-optimal: splitting this into two or three sessions of shorter duration could possibly be better.  But, hey, I teach a 240 hr syllabus in 150 hours; I

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2018 May IB chemistry practice schedule

I created a “past paper practice schedule” to help my Y2 students to prepare steadily for their upcoming exam, and you can find that here. HL Past paper practice schedule (2018) There is a separate one for HL and SL students, both meant to be printed on a portrait A3 sheet (and posted on their

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The secret area in acid-base titration

With phenolphthalein (in 50% EtOH) as the indicator, and base as the titrant, it is common knowledge that the solution turns from colorless to magenta.  However, with careful sub-drop addition, the solution actually first turns milky-white, then milky-pink, before it clears up to a transparent pink at the end point: After learning about the existence

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Van der Waal Equation / Ideal Gas Law Explorer

See the Pen Vue / graph.js – VdW eqn exploration by Jon Chui (@jkwchui) on CodePen. The ideal gas equation PV = nRT assumes an ideal gas of which the individual gas molecule has no attraction for another gas molecule, occupies no volume of its own. Real gases do not obey the Ideal Gas Law

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Our New Assessment Calendar

Background Historically at LPCUWC we centralize student assessments on a paper calendar in the Staff Room.  Not all assessments were consistently updated, testing conflicts were seen but unresolved, and its utility has been limited.  In May 2015 our Director of Studies asked me to look at the a spreadsheet that would be the assessment calendar for the

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